Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dining In An Afghan House

Dining. For Afghans, dining is an experience. Dining is a form of interaction that bonds people together. Here are some tips if you are invited to eat in an Afghan house:

If you are invited to go to an Afghan house, make sure to remove your shoes and leave it at the door. When eating, do not be shocked if you sit on the floor or in cushions. It is normal for Afghans to eat while they are squatting on the floor. Your food will be served on plastic tablecloths that are spread on the floor. The owner of the house usually tells you where you will sit. If you can sit with two legs crossed, then do so. If you cannot then sit as comfortably as you can but never sit with your legs stretched and your feet facing the people. Food is served in communal and everyone will share out of what is served. If house owners do not serve spoon and fork, then it is already understood that you should eat with your bare hands. Also, you should not eat with your left hand. When you are full and done eating, leave a small portion of food in your plate, otherwise food will be served to you continually.