Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Grant Was Granted Greatest Male Star of All Time

Cary Grant was already a performer even before he began his acting career that spread his image across different movie screens around the world. Grant joined a mobile acrobatic troop because he was so desperate to escape the place where he grew up -- an unstable home life and the simple environment of Bristol, England. He became the troop's stilt walker. This position required him much difficult and painful practice before it could be mastered. On the duration when carnival life had taken their toll and when the excitement of going to carnivals of his native England had waned, Cary Grant quit his job for the stage. His starting roles, though relatively small, served to mark the start of what would become a successful career.

Cary Grant was noted as a debonair leading man, virile and handsome, charming and charismatic. He was awarded as the second Greatest Male Star of All Time of American cinema by the American Film Institute, after Humphrey Bogart. He was famous for his classic films like The Philadelphia Story, Bringing Up Baby, The Bishop's Wife and His Girl Friday.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Internet Culture and The Effect It Brings To People

The Internet culture has not been showing signs of slowing this trend – this fad toward the never ending quest for human communication even to places wherein real human contact is not possible. There are some people who find comfort when they are with their computers – online. Even if face-to-face interaction is not achieved, they still can seek friendship in cyberspace. Virtual friends gather at imaginary meeting places. In these cyber spaces, they interact with and among each other, they open topics for debates, they open themselves to the virtual public. It is no doubt, therefore, that relationships of all kinds are establish because of the Internet. But, the very fact that this form of communication emanates from distant participants, there is a real impact on this.

Because the interaction is no longer face-to-face, there is already lesser social accountability demanded of one who says something rude in an online chat room than of one who offends someone on face-to-face social gatherings. If one person says something awful online, the act would seem nearly free of consequences. The offender need no subjection to emotional discomfort that could possibly arise when the same situation occurs, only face-to-face.

Friday, July 4, 2008

More Digital on traffic

Eventually, anyone and everyone who runs a blog of their own face two issues. Firstly, how to get people to read the blog, and drive traffic. This is difficult, and can sometimes feel like something of an uphill struggle. The second challenge is how to turn the blog you spend hours on each day/week/month into a money-making website, taking the step from casual autobiography and commentary to an actual business.

So how does one solve these two problems? There are a thousand different blogs that cover similar issues, news, thoughts and opinions, and years into web 2.0, everything that could exist, usually does exist. Loads of blogging experts, from the 'Huffington Post Guide to Blogging' to, say the key is simply to find a subject and stick to it.

But sometimes it's just not that simple. Of course, there's a shed-load of advice on the internet – in fact, a blogger on the MoreDigital team recently spoke about traffic and using tags to generate more of it, and it's posts like these that construct a more realistic approach to making money out of a website. If you're willing to put the time in on the SEO side of things, it's going to be a far shorter haul out of the dungeons of internet obscurity and into the top pages on Digg and Reddit.

There's a ton of ways to start raking in hits and correlating that with cash generated as a result, from text adverts to Google AdSense, which proves there are methods out there that aren't out to scam the visitors to your site. So if I was to write a post about the new Xbox 360 (to pick a current topic out of thin air) and send it to every aggregate site and use fifty different relevant tags, the hits would indeed start flooding in. However, if I then choreographed it with a few relevant adverts and text ad links, I reckon I could make a decent amount of money.

The main challenge is finding a way to do that for many different posts on a daily basis. It's not an easy task constantly creating engaging and well-researched, in-depth content that's light enough for a wide-ranging readership demographic, whilst maintaining enough detail to obtain a cult popularity and social standing within the journalistic community for that particular industry.

So now all that's left is to start working up a plan, and in the mean time, use the advice of the blogging crew alongside other sources, and begin to work up my web presence. World domination and financial super-success await me! To the keyboard! Oh, wait...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Albanians' Ways of Negotiating

Albanians dress well in business gatherings. Businessmen dress well with their coats and ties. Shoes are always shined and free of dust. Dress suits are common for women. They also prefer wearing skirts or pants and tops. Women have their hair and make up done. Albanians like to be addressed with their titles like attorneys, doctors, engineers, economists.

In meetings, Albanians are not fond of giving introductions. So if you are a foreigner and found yourself not introduced yet, then it is very much fine that you introduce yourself automatically to the crowd. Also, if, say, a mayor or a CEO, passes you, you must stand because this basically means respect for them and that you acknowledge their power.

In negotiations, decisions are not promptly made. Decision-making may take awhile so patience is needed here. It is best to maintain proper composure all even after the meeting. Showing gestures of frustration or anger are to be avoided.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Albanian Practices

Albanians love to spend their extra time in cafes. They do this in a daily basis. Leisure time is usually spent talking to families, friends, colleagues. When they reach home, they chat with their neighbors as well. Albanians are not so particular with time in both social and business meetings.

Albanians are still conventional. Women stay at home and take care of the household chores while men are the breadwinners of the family (although there are those women who now go to work and seek the professional life). Women are expected to serve their husbands, their sons and their house guests. Men are generally possessive to their wives. For Albanians, a man and a woman hanging out together is a big deal. A single man and a single woman seen hanging around together in public can be assumed engaged. Arranged marriages are still common for Albanians although there is freedom for young men and women in choosing who they want to settle down.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Basics of Albanians

Albania is located in the continent of Europe. The major ethnic groups of Albania include Albanian (consisting 95 per cent of the total population), Greek, Gypsy, Serb, Bulgarian and Macedonian.

Let us learn the basics of the country. Handshaking and kissing are two common greeting gestures for Albanian men and women. In terms of their style in communicating, Albanians can be regarded as very straightforward on some cases but may be indirect too in sensitive issues. Say for example, when you appear to be thinner or chubbier from the last time you met, they will tell you explicitly. But when issues are deeper, they will skirt around, instead. Albanians value their families so much that it is normal for them that they project a positive image about their families regardless of their current state. If they have any experience that seems to be bad and shameful, they tend to forget this and never talk about this even to close friends.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

China's Rice Culture

For a thousand of years, rice has sculpted much of Chinese culture. The Chinese have been industriously nurturing their land. Blood and sweat and tears have been invested by these diligent people in their aim to get good harvests. With their dedication and hard work in agriculture, China has now achieved several accounts for its stable rural essence.

In countless folktales, rice is enjoyed by gods and mortals alike, and it is considered by many to be the only grain that can link the heavens with the earth. Such beliefs have inspired numerous festivals, rituals and traditions. Many of which are nearly requisite occurrences wherever rice crops are planted. The green, terraced patties that cultivate this grain often hold both cultural and spiritual significance, even among those for whom rice is an everyday sight and source of living. And although effectiveness is not scientifically proven, rice is believed by some to have powerful medicinal properties.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

When Giving Presents To Afghans

In giving gifts. There are certain guidelines that you have to know if in any case you plan to give a present to your Afghan friend.

Number one thing that you should put in your head when giving gifts to Afghans is to not give alcoholic drinks. However if you have the knowledge that that person whom you are giving gift drinks alcohol, then you can give him given that you will hide it from the public so to avoid shame. Be subtle enough in giving it. You should not give it directly to the person but rather present it discreetly by placing it near the door of the house or leave it to where you are sitting down. Afghans will assume automatically that there is a present for them if they see something that is left behind. So make sure not to leave any “unintended gifts” in their place as they will treat them as presents for them.