Thursday, June 12, 2008

Albanians' Ways of Negotiating

Albanians dress well in business gatherings. Businessmen dress well with their coats and ties. Shoes are always shined and free of dust. Dress suits are common for women. They also prefer wearing skirts or pants and tops. Women have their hair and make up done. Albanians like to be addressed with their titles like attorneys, doctors, engineers, economists.

In meetings, Albanians are not fond of giving introductions. So if you are a foreigner and found yourself not introduced yet, then it is very much fine that you introduce yourself automatically to the crowd. Also, if, say, a mayor or a CEO, passes you, you must stand because this basically means respect for them and that you acknowledge their power.

In negotiations, decisions are not promptly made. Decision-making may take awhile so patience is needed here. It is best to maintain proper composure all even after the meeting. Showing gestures of frustration or anger are to be avoided.