Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Communication is one of the most pervasive forms of social interaction. In fact, it is deemed to be the most effective form of interaction. Communication is a process in which a speaker relays a message through a channel to a receiver, thus creating an effect and providing an opportunity for feedback in the presence of noise and occurring within a context.

Trenholm and Jensen defined communication as the process whereby humans collectively create and regulate social reality. What people say and do is connected with what others say and do. Therefore, what holds the society together is the ability of its members to act as a coordinated whole, which would be impossible without communication. On the other hand, communication presupposes social interaction. This cyclical process requires at least two people to mutually engage in creating meaning for communication to occur. This start is a kind of communication called interpersonal communication.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

White Man's Burden

The movie, Babel, tells its viewers an essential aspect of humankind that has always been ignored, underrated and disregarded: communication.

To relate it in my learnings, it could be recalled that the colonizers coined a term “The White Man’s Burden,” a term referring to the “responsibility” of the Whites to educate the Blacks because of their being backward in lifestyle, ideology, technology and basically the very African Culture. I think that this has always been the problem with the Americans. They think so straightforward and assuming that sometimes they cross beyond the limitations of the other cultures. Boosted with their ego, they think that they are superior more than any other culture or race here on Earth. They think that, there’s always an easy alternative to just get what they want neglecting the sensibility of their recipients. When colonizers invaded Africa, they may had thought that doing such could help Africa in a sense, sadly, it didn’t. It only made the things more complicated for these natives. Poor them. They were trapped in a cobweb that has no assurance or guarantee that these colonizers can bring the harmony in living and in life.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yummy Hersheys!

Did you know that the famous Hershey's chocolate was actually created by Milton Hershey when he was eighteen?

The revolutionary American chocolate maker Milton Hershey opened his first candy shop in Philadelphia when he was eighteen. And even if he was young and he knew little of his business, still, his lack of experience caused his little ambition to fold more than five years later. It wasn't easy for Hershey. Yes he was able to sustain his candy shop for six years but he felt that his business lacked more. That's why he temporarily halted in his business and worked as an intern for a local caramel manufacturer. In there, he was able to learn that to achieve superior results, the freshest milk was to be used and thus was a lifelong dedication to quality ingredients was born – upon which he would later build his chocolate factory – now the ever famous Hershey Chocolate Company.