Tuesday, January 15, 2008

When Giving Presents To Afghans

In giving gifts. There are certain guidelines that you have to know if in any case you plan to give a present to your Afghan friend.

Number one thing that you should put in your head when giving gifts to Afghans is to not give alcoholic drinks. However if you have the knowledge that that person whom you are giving gift drinks alcohol, then you can give him given that you will hide it from the public so to avoid shame. Be subtle enough in giving it. You should not give it directly to the person but rather present it discreetly by placing it near the door of the house or leave it to where you are sitting down. Afghans will assume automatically that there is a present for them if they see something that is left behind. So make sure not to leave any “unintended gifts” in their place as they will treat them as presents for them.