Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Basics of Albanians

Albania is located in the continent of Europe. The major ethnic groups of Albania include Albanian (consisting 95 per cent of the total population), Greek, Gypsy, Serb, Bulgarian and Macedonian.

Let us learn the basics of the country. Handshaking and kissing are two common greeting gestures for Albanian men and women. In terms of their style in communicating, Albanians can be regarded as very straightforward on some cases but may be indirect too in sensitive issues. Say for example, when you appear to be thinner or chubbier from the last time you met, they will tell you explicitly. But when issues are deeper, they will skirt around, instead. Albanians value their families so much that it is normal for them that they project a positive image about their families regardless of their current state. If they have any experience that seems to be bad and shameful, they tend to forget this and never talk about this even to close friends.


  1. Interesting culture. I never knew much about Albanians except when the Balkan wars broke out. Nice for putting up one here in your site!

    Michael Leon

  2. oops, i think i have to be supermodel-thin when i'll go visit.

  3. Albanians are proud people. i mean, if its true that they hide their negative thoughts to people, thats because they wanted to project a positive view.

  4. Albanians have always impressed me. Great culture.