Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Malays In The Corporate World

If you go to Malaysia for purely business, you should at least be equipped with the corporate etiquette of the country. Here are some things I've learned second-hand from a business associate.

During business affairs, you should ready your business cards as people involve in the meeting usually exchange cards among each other. Because of the their pride as a nation, Westerners should never be late in social and business functions. Give a call if you will be late. Stay relaxed when on your first meeting the Malay gets late or your business affair does not start on time. Remember that you are in Malaysia and no matter what the business and social stratification here, they are still your boss, geographically speaking. In meetings, you should also know that Malays love to engage in lengthy discussions before getting down to business. Decisions are therefore made slowly and patience is required. Malays are not frank people. That is why you must listen attentively to them. You must know how to read between the lines so that proper and immediate judgment be made.


  1. yes yes! good thing i have with me my business cards. ill be going to thailand tomorrow for a business meeting.

    Brittany Chavez

  2. malays are very professional in terms of handling business affairs. its therefore a must that you must be to them to (as they are to you, for sure).

  3. if you enter into the business world, its a pre-requisite that you possess the virtue of professionalism, or else, dont expect that youll succeed in your endeavors.

  4. i think in every meeting that you will have, regardless of culture and race, it is a must that you leave a lasting first impression that is, of course, positive.