Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thais Are Proud People

Thais are very proud people. Like any other Asian country, Thais have a rich history, well-established hierarchical structure of status. Thais are said to be one the races in the world who enjoy high level of literacy. Thailand has put its premium to improving its educational system. The country has a well-organized structure of school system of pre-school, primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Both the public and private sectors promote quality education enabling them to contribute greatly to the country's overall development. The government even supports free education providing it until Grade 12.

Because the country has never been colonized, they shout it out loud to the world that their educational system is not based on European models. It improvises its own model that is both essential and beneficial to Thai students. The country has updated curricula that are reliable and coherent. These enable the students to learn to adjust rapidly and appropriately to the signs and times.


  1. I think that thailand is a great nation. see, among all the other nations in asia, it is the only nation that was never colonized. i guess, it will never be.

    ---Samantha Wade

  2. Aside from being a country with scenic and to-die for islands, I think Thailand has developed a good education system for themselves.

  3. its true. if youll check thailand's stats in education, theyre one of the countries that are leading.

  4. that explains why thais are proud people.