Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hail! Brazil!

The one thing I like about the Brazilian culture is its national unity brought by language. Although Brazil is a mixture of different ethnicities and races and that Brazil is a large country in area and its population, it still has preserved to unite the country as a whole by the Portuguese language that has been propagated. Unlike some large (and even small) countries, majority of the Brazilians speak their national language. Note that dialects in Brazil have not been utilized very well among its people making the achieve the national unity that every nation is aspiring.

Another thing that I admire about them is their value for family. For them, the family is the basic foundation of the social forms and basis of stability of the society. Though their nucleus families tend to be large, they still treasure their ties up to their extended families. A family member draws a social network and help in times of need from the family.

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