Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brazilian Ethics

Olá amigos en amigas! Today, we will explore the Brazilian race once more!

Let us be reminded that Brazilians are very emotional. They are very much attached with their families and friends. Before these Brazilians make conversations to people, it is necessary for them to give a kiss on their cheeks or a handshake.

These people are also very into coffee. They serve them really strong. These strong coffees are being served usually during business transactions. Speaking of business dealings, they are very particular with time so that when one makes appointments with them, one should make it at least two weeks in advance. One should never attempt to make impromptu appointments at work or in government offices. During meetings, take note that they are always on time. Gift giving is also significant in Brazil. The host will be the one who gives gift to his or her visitor, though.

These coffees are now served mostly during business transactions. When it comes to business dealings on the other hand, Brazilians are very particular with time so that when you make appointments with them, make it at least two weeks in advance. Never try to make impromptu calls at business or government offices. During meetings, Brazilians start on time (a very reflecting part for the Filipinos). Gift giving in doing business meetings is also usual in Brazil so that the host will have to give a present to her colleagues or if not he must buy lunch or dinner instead during or after the transaction.

An interesting fact about its people is that they have this unique gesture that they do every time they express appreciation to someone; that is, Brazilians pinch their earlobes in front of the person they admire using their thumbs and forefingers.

Another thing, to invoke good luck, make a “fig”; that is, place your thumb between your index and middle fingers while making a fist.

If somebody asks you a question and you do not know what the answer is, just flick your fingertips underneath your chin. It indicates that you do not know the answer to the question. Imagine it and try doing it. Its fun and amazing realizing that we only see this in cartoons shows.

With the mentioned information above, what can we say about these people? How do they differ from us? Do we have “strange” qualities too that are exceptional in our culture? What are these? Or do we, like most of us, forget our customs and traditions our ancestors passed on to us?


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