Monday, August 27, 2007

To Experience Is To Understand

One of the things I like most is learning, exploring and experiencing the different cultures among different races and ethnicities. I have always want to relate with different people. I want to examine their ways of living. I want to know their belief systems, their food ways, their lifestyle. I want to learn the different sets of culture. I want to know more about intercultural communication.

I started my interest in learning intercultural communication when my college professor shared to us her personal experience on this. She exclaimed, not only intercultural communication is an interesting hobby to her, you also will become informative with your experience. You can also be a cultural mediator among different cultures. You become one when you start understanding and experiencing other cultures. You will be able to prevent certain conflicts that may arise along the way.
By studying other cultures and experiencing them, one can be able to overcome intercultural conflicts brought in the surface because of cultural differences. Understanding other cultures is a very important thing to avoiding these conflicts because of varying beliefs and principles.

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