Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rastas Wear Red, Green and Gold

There is this one trend that caught my attention lately. It is very dramatic how I see random people wearing the colors red, green and gold (or yellow). Though they seem to be in vogue, these colors actually manifest a deeper, more profound account – a recapitulation of the ideals that the early men used to believe and has now continued from one generation to the next, this time though, much more popular that it has become the talk of the town, the icon of fashion among contemporaries . It has evolved into a culture itself.

This culture is rastafarianism. The name is rooted from Jah Ras Tafari, an emperor in Jamaica who influenced his people in the truest sense. Up until this time, the Rastafarians or Rastas (people who believe in rastafarianism) advocate the colors: red, green and gold. Red symbolizes blood that has been shed by the martyrs in the history of the Rastas; Green, for nature, beauty and vegetation of the promised land; gold, for wealth of the homeland.

It is good to be updated with the latest trends of the town but it will always be much better to be equipped with the wisdom expected of you to have especially if you claim that you are a fan of such trends.

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  1. I love the colors but I'm not a rasta person. Its great that they have these colors since it gives one an automatic recall. Once I see those colors, I always think of Jamaica.