Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Learning The ABCs of Brazil

If given a chance to meet people from other culture, I would love to meet the Brazilians and interact with them. It would always be my source of fulfillment if upon meeting them I would be able to apply to them the things that I have learned about a particulare culture – in this case, the Brazilian.

Take for example their meeting etiquette. When Brazilian men greet, they shake hands while maintaining eye contact while women kiss each other on their cheeks. Also, backslapping and hugging are common greetings among Brazilian pals. Lastly, if a woman intends to shake hands and make friend to a man, she should approach the man first and extend her hand to the man to signify politeness.

Another is the gift giving etiquette. If you are invited to a Brazilian's house, you should bring the flowers or a small gift to the host. Orchids are actually considered a very nice gift but never the purple ones. Something purple or black are mourning colors to them. Sane is true with handkerchiefs as they are also associated with funerals. In general, Brazilians open the gifts as soon as they receive it.

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