Saturday, September 1, 2007

What Makes A Fig?

Olá amigos en amigas!

In Brazil, there is a unique gesture that they do everytime they expression their appreciation to a particular person: Brazilians pinch their earlobes in front of the person they admire by using their thumbs and forefingers.

Also, people in Brazil make a fig to invoke good luck. Now how do you do this one? Simple. Just place your thumb between your index and middle fingers while making a fist.

Now consider this scenario: a guy approach you and asks you a question. Too bad, you don't know the answer. What are you going to do? Brazilians flick their fingertips underneath their chins. This is a common understanding to Brazilians as they know that the one doing this gesture does not know the answer to the question. So now we understand why in cartoon shows, the characters are doing this? Obviously, they got this from the Brazilian culture.


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