Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bohol Is Where Amicable People Live

Last year, as part of a school requirement, I went to the Philippines to learn their culture. Upon further research, I was able to find out that there are more than twenty races and ethnicities in the said country! What a number! Then I thought to myself of giving a try and experience to maybe two to three cultures. So I researched. Based on my investigation, I was convinced to travel in Bohol to learn about their culture deeper.

Bohol is a province in the Philippines. It is historical in nature because a Spanish legend during the time of Magellan came and visited the place. Boholanos, or the people in Bohol, were said to be friendly. All throughout generations, this tag among Boholanos has been adopted. Now, they gratefully commemorate this through the Sandugo Festival of Bohol that is celebrated every July each year. In this celebration, the governor of Bohol usually acts Miguel Lopez de Legazpi (a Spaniard explorer) while the mayor of the city in Bohol plays Datu Sikatuna (chieftain in Bohol). On the historical date of March 16, 1565, a blood compact between these two leaders took place. This symbolizes the friendship of the Philippines and Spain as a whole.

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