Sunday, September 9, 2007

Turks Are Happy People

Festivals in Turkey are often celebrated during the third quarter of each year. If one observes closely to the Turk feasts, you will discover that the Turks are grateful people and that they love huge celebrations. These celebrations are often manifestations of thanksgiving for the abundant blessings they receive yearly.

In June, two popular festivals take place. First is the Strawberry Festival. People rejoice because of the abundant harvest of strawberries. This is a merriment in Bartin. Second is the International Wine Festival in the country's biggest wine producer, Urgup. In this celebration, people drink wine, sky's the limit. Wine companies host this celebration.

In July, Apricot Festival is celebrated in Malatya to celebrate the harvesting of the crop.

In August, everyone gets a happy and full stomach because of the Chef's Festival. Turkey chefs amaze the tastebuds of every local and foreign visitors with their specialties.

In September, Watermelon Festival in Diyarbakir is the higlight of the month. Contests are open to visitors and prices are at stake to the max.

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