Saturday, September 22, 2007

Singapore Is Worth-A-Stay

As the world is in clamor because of overpopulation, there is one country, in fact, that continues its challenge to its citizens to boost population. That is it is quite easy to secure permanent residency in Singapore. Permanent residency is for non-Singaporeans who want to study, work and live in the country.

But why in Singapore? Because it is in Singapore where jobs are open to foreigners, the compensation is high, the cost of living is tolerable and the place is worth-a-live-and-love. Singapore is a developed country where people interact harmoniously among different races who reside there for good. The pattern of the country is rooted from the inherent cultural diversity of the place. The people here are mixtures of Chinese, Malay, Indian and European influences. This means that there is no worry in interacting with them because they basically understand each other's races, each other culture.


  1. I totally agree with you. It is a good place to live in and work.

  2. But Singapore is just a small country so where will they put all the incoming workers/students?