Thursday, September 27, 2007

Singaporeans And How They Value Their Belief Systems

Singaporeans celebrate the major festivities that are associated with their respective religions. These religions are direct reflection of the diversity of racse living there. The Chinese follow Buddhism, Shenism, Taoism, Christianity and Catholicism. There are those who classify themselves as free-thinkers because they do not belong to any religion. Malays are Muslims. Indians are Hindus.

Religion is important in Singapore. Religions of people often cross racial boundaries and there are some who mix particular ways among religions. They tend to combine a little of the mysteries and beliefs with the signs and times of today. The Singaporean's value for religion is manifested in religious buildings that are seen everywhere be it old temples, exotic mosques and modern churches. Here in these places of worship, you can see believers from various races and ethnicities. A deeper understanding of their religions and their places of worship play a vital part in the appreciation of their art.


  1. Singaporeans give premium to their belief system. they are known for their religiosity and their love of the higher being.

  2. Denise StevensonMay 3, 2009 at 10:43 PM

    This is pretty interesting. For such a small country, they do practice diverse religious beliefs.