Friday, September 7, 2007

Turkey Is A Holy Place

As Turkey is a Muslim country, several feasts are celebrated each year to commemorate traditions and beliefs.

Seker Bayrami, commonly known as the Sugar Festival, is a 3-day celebration marking the end of Ramadan. This is the time for joy and merrymaking where everyone goes out and socialize. They also exchange gifts and other Turkish delights and sweets. This usually happens every February.

The most important religious holiday is the Kurban Bayrami. This reminds its people of the near sacrifice of Isaac by his father Abraham. Instead of the child, God allowed lamb to be sacrificed. All throughout the country, those people who can afford it will sacrifice an animal to commemorate this event. They reserve a portion of the meet to the needy. This is usually done during April.

Another holiday in April is the Mesir Macunu or the Power Gum Festival. This is in memory of the curative power of an elixir that restored the health of the mother of the Ottoman Sultan Suleyman. This drink mixture has 41 spices. That is why the number 41 is significant to the Turks. In Turkey, the successful completion of events is usually marked by saying a special phrase 41 times.

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