Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Portugal Bulls vs Spain Bulls

Portugal has this celebration called the Red Waistcoat Festival which occurs every July. This name is derived from the red waistcoats of the campinos or bull herders. In this celebration, they bulls are let loose in the streets and start on their way to the ring. I find this amazing because people from this country sort of risk their lives in order to express jubilation.

The same happening occur in Spain. Spaniards call it San Fermin. This is a celebration renowned for its weeklong nonstop wine, merrymaking, carnivals, bravado and most especially the letting out of the bulls and letting them run in the streets.

But what's the difference between these two countries in terms of dealing with bulls? In Portugal, they wrestle the bulls so they have bulls left for the next years. In Spain, on the other hand, they kill the bulls else the bulls will kill them!

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