Sunday, September 16, 2007

Let's Go To The Treasure Island!

One small place that is interesting to visit is the country in Southeast Asia, Taiwan. This beautiful gift of nature is also known as Treasure Island because it has beautiful scenery and landscapes. Although the island is small-for-a-country type, it is still famous to tourists because of its theme parks, beaches, grand mountains and cultural offerings. The people from this country are very accommodating, friendly to visitors, the weather is consistent to fair and fine, tourist facilities are excellent, and the modes of transportation are convenient even to first-time travelers.

Yang Min Shan National Park is a must for those who want to relax and reflect. It has hot springs, exquisite flora and wildlife. It also has relaxing spas. People from Taipei will highly recommend the mineral springs of which their place is known of. From the metro, it will only take for 45 minutes if you ride in a bus while 70 minutes if you prefer train. Guests can go hiking or have a picnic in this park.

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