Thursday, September 13, 2007

Enlarged Kisses

Last year, when I visited the Philippines, the first thing I had in mind was to visit the world famous Chocolate Hills! Chocolate Hills, tagged to be the eighth wonder of the world, is composed of 1268 hills. Unbelievable, but true. That's why when I was already in the place, I thought to myself, I could already die, I've already seen God's perfect work of art. It was astounding as these hills really looked like chocolates. Good thing I visited there during the summer season of that tropical country.

During summer time, the thousand hills in Bohol turn brown so that when you are in the aerial view, you'll see enlarged Hershey's Kisses all over the island. But do you know why these hills turn brown every summer? It is because these hills don't grow trees. Only hays. And during the summer time, because it is literally hot all over the Philippines, the hays of these hills die. And when they die, the brownness of the hays and the soil contribute to the “chocolatey” color of these hills.

So that's a matter of fact.

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