Monday, September 17, 2007

Taiwanese Are Pleasing

Taiwanese are known for their pleasing characters. They are friendly and courteous people. These people believe in the saying that no man is an island and that social responsibility follows when social relationships are established. They believe that one cannot live and do anything without the help and cooperation of others. They acknowledge any form of aid that is extended to them by their family and friends.

Taiwanese are also accommodating. During initial interaction even to strangers, Taiwanese usually offer cigarettes, smalls presents or business cards to overcome shyness and that an easy flow of conversation will take place. Also, don't be shocked if these Taiwanese will talk to you very eagerly even during your first interaction. They give informal introduction to initiate a talk with you. However, even with this kind of attitude, trust for them is not easily given to people. For them, it is a virtue to be earned and not just to be given directly to people.

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